Michail Xirokostas | Architect

Conservatory Theatre

Conservatory Theatre
Architects Michail Xirokostas, Barkonikou Maria, Balis Stavros
Supervisor Dimitra Nikolaou, Dimitris Papalexopoulos
Location Tavros, Athens, Greece
Area 1800 m2
Project Year 2015
Project Type Educational project

Looking at the region, we can see strong contrasts referred to the buildings’ heights, as well as to the spatial qualities. The original intent was the harmonization of those elements.
Seeking the countries’ general provision, the separation of the theatre and the classrooms was decided. So there has been an attempt to create the buildings and each one would lost proper functioning. Their height would differ in a way that they will adjust to the variations of the region’s heights.
Induced by the buildings’ factious, we attempted to give a more plastic form, creating movements and stops in the center of the land.
The building with the classrooms because rigorous and orthogonal facing Piraeus Street, in order to blend in with the other buildings located in the area.
Targeting the union of these functions and those two buildings, the solution was found in a geological conformation, and a more orthogonal building which will fit this synthesis.
Above this adapted temtay, the theatre, the foyer and the workshops are located. At the center of the land, a big detonation chamber is created.
The building’s main entrance is located at the side of Piraeus Street making it more expliat. At the same time, the space at the rear face (of the building) can be approached by an ornamental green route.
Within the land’s limits, concrete walls are rising, which also set the building’s canfines.
The rectangular building is based on metallic columns, conveying the impression of levitation. The theatre has an alternative entrance which gives it a more public charter and makes it more accessible. This is embedded in the ground and guides the visitor into the host area.