Michail Xirokostas | Architect




Michail Xirokostas, Vasiliki Dermitzaki, Eleni Stamatiou, Katerina Striki Magiaki

Client  Arquideas
Location New York, USA
Area 500 m
Project Year  2015
Project Type International Student Architectural Competition for “Central Park Summer Pavillion, New York”

The location of our proposal is selected to be the Conservatory Water Lake which lies upon the intersection of 5th Avenue and East 72 Street of New York City. Our aim was to combine everyday life activities with the element of water.
Our idea of what a Central Park Summer Pavilion should be is a multi-use runway which emerges from the Pilgrim Hill and invades dynamically into the lake. In an effort to avoid the disturbance of the surrounding environment, we suggest to incorporate all the interior spaces inside the hill by creating a cave pavilion. On the inside we place some open plan areas that could be used in multiple ways such as: dressing rooms for the runway, reading rooms, work areas etc. The runway itself is created based on a grid that either formats a simple platform or it folds creating sitting areas, deck chairs, exhibition panels etc. Even when the platform enters the water, we have created some floating decks on both sides using the same grid, which forms some water relaxation areas.
The entrance to the interior is both from the lake via the runway platform and the hill via the spiral stair which is the only one emerging from the ground and descends the visitor inside of the pavilion.