Michail Xirokostas | Architect

Mid-air Walking

Mid-air Walking
Architects Michail Xirokostas, Alkiviadis Pyliotis, Evangelos Fokialis
Supervisors Andreas Kourkoulas. Eleni Chaniotou
Location Lycabetus Hill, Athens Greece
Project Year 2015
Project Type Educational - Conceptual

Our proposal consist of a lightweight construction, which embeds on the rock without altering him and it creates a linear path. It consists of two straight parts which have as a starting point the existing road infrastructure and end up at the green awning . Throughout this path the promenader feels like he is floating on air, as on the one side he comes in marginal contact with the bare and hard rock, and on the other side there is thick vegetation which defines and frames the viewpoints.
The path consists of three nodes:
1_The starting point, in which an open area is created and where the promenader enter his path.
2_The second node is located at the stopping point, the platform-bowsprit.
3_Finally, the entire path ends up at the green awning where an open area is created, like the one at the starting point.
the construct is structured by slender elements aiming for its smooth accession to the pace and the creation of the promenader's floating sensation.
Throughout the whole path, interesting viewpoints are being revealed (Acropolis' Hill, the Panathenaic Stadium), as well as optical escapes to the urban landscape.­