Michail Xirokostas | Architect

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Architect at National Technical University of Athens


Aiolou 43, Kamatero Greece, 13451 michailxirokostas@gmail.com Τηλ.: +30 694 6545 395

I am an Architect at N.T.U.A. (National Technical University of Athens). Through my interest and passion I believe that the proper design of each space improves the quality of the user's life. For this reason, I consider each new project to be a personal challenge and I always aim to the most high-quality space production through dynamic architecture.

Sociability, creativity, organizational skills and methodicalness are some elements that characterize me, while oftentimes I've been coordinating multimember group projects which have been completed successfully. One of my strengths is the human resources management, while at the same time I have the ability to cooperate successfully as a member team, with enthusiasm and diligence.