Michail Xirokostas | Architect

Cultural 'Sticking'

Cultural 'Sticking'
Architects Michail Xirokostas, Barkonikou Maria, Eleni Stamatiou
Supervisor Kostas Moraitis
Location Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus
Project Year 2015
Project Type Educational project

Taking into consideration the intense historical character of our study's area, we compose aiming the union of these two parts without ignoring, of course, the strong presence of the boarders of the Buffer Zone.
So, we create a course of interest which unites two cores. The one consists of cultural facilities like an open-air theatre, exhibition halls, workspaces and dining areas.
The other one consists of the Institute of Political History, the reference point of our proposal. At the extension of the park by the rail lines and perpendicular to the course (route) of interest, we create on both sides of a linear park a zone of residence which completes the synthesis.
The first core is located in the wider region of the eastern bastion, while the second one is created at the intersection of the course of interest with the zone of residence.
The objective of the proposal above constitutes of the cultural sticking together of the two peoples and their smooth co-existence at the same place.